Belltech Electric 24/7 Emergency Service

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To our Valued Customers,

Belltech Electric offers 24/7 Emergency Service for any unexpected power and equipment failures which are affecting your business or residence. In order to effectively respond to these calls as fast as possible, we use an after-hours call center to dispatch us. To contact this call center, you can call them directly at 1-866-776-6255, or phone our office at 250-360-2233 and follow the instructions on our voicemail system.

Using this system ensures that the primary on-call person is the first person contacted to respond, as they will be expecting the call. If, for whatever reason, the primary on call person is unavailable at the time of the call received, the call center will begin phoning through our entire list of service electricians who cycle through the on-call schedule. This will ensure that somebody will respond to your emergency in the shortest time frame possible.

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